Rhyming Words



Children can create their own rhyming words.  Children can pick rhyming words out of a story or a nursery rhyme.  Children can retell a nursery rhyme or story.  Children can write rhyming words.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Notices and discriminates rhyme Joins in rhyming songs and games Fills in the missing rhyming word; generates rhyming words spontaneously Decides whether two words rhyme Generates a group of rhyming words when given a word 4
Comprehends and responds to books and other texts Contributes particular language from the book at the appropriate time Asks and answers questions about the text; refers to pictures Identifies story-related problems, events, and resolutions during conversations with an adult Reconstructs story using pictures, text, and props; begins to make inferences and draw conclusions 4
Uses emergent reading skills Pretends to read a familiar book, treating each page as a separate unit; names and describes what is on each page, using pictures as cues Pretends to read, using some of the language from the text; describes the action across the pages, using pictures to order the events; may need prompts from adult Pretends to read, reciting language that closely matches the text on each page and using reading-like intonation Tries to match oral language to words on page; points to words as reads; uses different strategies (e.g., sounding out words, known words, and patterns in text) to make meaning from print 4
Writes to convey meaning Scribbles or marks Mock letters or letter-like forms Early invented spelling Late invented spelling 4

Total Score: 16

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