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Road Trip with 4G in the Southeast Region of the United States

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Evaluation Evaluation

Students will be evaluated in the following ways:

1. Each group will use a KWL+ chart to activate prior knowledge on their respective states. Then, students will use three column notes to help organize
their research. Both student strategies will be graded on content, effort, and overall understanding of learning goals.

2. Students will design and implement a checklist, travel log, and expense journal for their trip.

3. The final project will by assessed using the rubric below:

Southeast Region Final Project Rubric






 10 - 9

 8 - 6

 5 - 0

Design & Presentation



• Catchy, clever and relevant. 
• Easy to Navigate
• Logical and engaging

• Somewhat easy to navigate. 
• Understandable
• mostly logical


• Minimally engaging. 
• Irrelevant or inappropriate content. 
• Vague and unclear design

Content & Use of Technology for Research


• Content is creative and original
• Research on states is in depth

• Resources are appropriate and useful to final project design and implementation

•Mostly accurate and current information is delivered.
• clean use of technology

• Resources are somewhat useful to final project design and implementation

• Inaccurate and/or non-current Information is delivered.
• Poor use of technology

• Resources are not that useful to project design and implementation




• Demonstrates a command of the material

• Shows research and strong insights/analysis

• Demonstrates a working knowledge of the material

• Shows some research and insights/analysis

• Not proficient understanding of the material

• Little research or insights/analysis

Escape to the Southeast
Travel directory and lots of information about the Southeast states
National Parks in the Southeast Region
Map showing National Parks in the Southeast Region
State by State Guide to Southern History
Historic sites throughout the Southeast Region
National Geographics Kids USA information
Travel South website
Facts about US states
Another website on Southeast Region
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