Five Senses




# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Researching their "sense" Have only one fact or piece of information about their "sense." Have only 2 facts or pieces of information regarding their "sense." Has 3 or 4 facts about their "sense" Has a little more information regarding their "sense." Has 4+ facts about their "sense." Has found much more information about their "sense" and how it compares to the other senses. 40%
Working well in a group and participation Group worked farily together, many arguements and some students didnt help at all. Group worked together good. Were loud and disruptive once or twice. Almost all students participated in the group. The group ALL worked and participated in the group. Only one or two disruptions. Group worked excellent with eachother, everyone participated with no arguements or disruptions. 30%
Class Presentation Poor group presentation No organization or motivation No teamwork Good Organization Small amount of motivation Teamwork observed Very good group presentation, Presentation well organized and Enthusiastic Group Worked good together in a group Excellent presentation Great organization of ideas Very enthusiatic Great teamwork observed 30%

Total Score: 100%

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