Money Madness



Your WebQuest will be graded by the following:

  • Do you have at least 10 different items under your wants and needs?
  • Did you write at least 3 sentences for your paragraph?
  • Did you use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling?
  • Did you work together with your group?


# Not Acceptable OK Good Excellent Score
Did you follow the instructions and find 10 different items? Found 2 or less items Found 4-6 items Found 7-9 items Found all 10 items 10
Did you work with your group to complete your paper? Worked completely alone Shared some information Shared most of the information Worked together to completely fill out the paper 10
Did you complete the paragraph? No sentences One sentence Two sentences Three sentences 10
Did you use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation? No punctuation and many misspellings 7 mistakes 4 mistakes 1 mistake 10

Total Score: 40

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