"A Journey to Peru"




# 4 - Outstanding 3 - Good 2 - Satisfactory 1 - Poor Score
Spelling and Punctuation spelling and punctuation almost always correct very few errors throughout many errors careless; numerous errors %25
Grammar at current level of study or above with very few errors some errors - subjects and verbs don't always match; does not always represent current level of study writing is below current level with many errors but is still understandable many grammatical errors which make the writing very hard to understand or read %25
Effort more than required; this student went above and beyond what was necessary meets requirement with a few surprising extras meets requirement some items missing; work appears hastily assembled %25
Creativity creative, original descriptions; well illustrated; neat some creativity; simple descriptions; mostly neat minimal creativity; slightly messy shows no creativity or planning; incomplete descriptions; haphazard illustrations or no illustrations %25

Total Score: %100

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