Around Poland in 7 Days



Use this rubric to do the assessment. We will use it too in order to determine the winner :-)


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Name & Logo of Travel Agency No name and logo for agency. Missing the name or logo of the agency. Name and logo for agency. Very creative name and logo for agency. 10
Itinerary (Travel Agency) Not organized and doesn't look complete or doesn't look like an itineary The itinerary is missing some important aspects, like lodging, or transportation details. The itinerary gives a good schedule for the trip, but is not completely organized. Some aspects of the itinerary are missing, but overall it is a competent itinerary. A complete itinerary that gives a clear picture of every aspect of the trip, from meals, lodging, transportation, and when and where activities occur. 40
Budget (Family) Budget is not complete or does not attempt to stay with the 4,000 budget. The budget is made, but there are some errors in calculation, some important costs that have been neglected, or a combination of both. A budget that justifies most of the expenses that will occur on the trip with a few calculation errors and only a few unaccounted items. A complete budget that stays within the 4,000 budget and accounts for almost all possible expenses that may occur on the trip. 10
Travel Diary (Family) The diary seems unprepared and did not convey many details of the itinarary or budget. The diary was able to convey some aspects of the itinerary and budget but seemed a bit unprepared and did not have too much team involvement. The diary was relatively well organized and explained the itinerary and budget in a easy to follow way. The diary showed a clear picture of both the itinerary and the budget and was also very engaging with equal participation from each group member 40

Total Score: 100

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