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The students will be given 50 points total for this assignment. 

  • 20 points will be awarded for their sharing of of their work on google classroom.   
  • 10 points for their discussion posts. 
  • 10 points for their power-point presentation 
  • 10 points for the effort that was put into this webquest


# Just Starting Needs Work Very Good Tremendous Score
Share All of your findings on Google Classroom There has been little or no effort put into this assignment Some of the work was shared but not very much so A lot of work was put into sharing everything into google classroonm All resources were used to share on google classroom.
Discuss with your fellow students the research you are conducting and give feedback to two students You have not discussed what your findings have been You have discussed what your findings have been but have not included your fellow students in discussion You have discussed your findings and responded to your peers but did not give efficient feedback You did an outstanding job of detailing your findings and providing excellent feedback to your fellow students
Powerpoint presentation with your group Little or no effort was put into your groups powerpoint presentation Your group put effort into the presentation but it lacked detail Your group did a very good job in your presentation, but could have used a few more resources Your group was stupendous of its presentation of what you have researched and discovered
Effort was shown in completing this webquest Little or no effort was shown in this assignment There was some effort shown but needs more improvement A very good job was done but to be tremendous more resources were need Attention to detail with a wide variety of resources were included.

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