The Meaning Behind Your Concert Music - Composers and Inspiration



Student work will be evaluated according to the rubric below.  The overall grade will be worth 32 points total.  Read the rubric carefully to make sure all sections are accounted for in each assignment.


# 1 2 3 4 Score
Listening Lab Worksheet Very little information provided. Unsatisfactory research, or limited information is copied word for word from sources. 2 items are included. Student started to research, but may have struggled finding sources. Information mostly written word for word. 3-4 items are included. Research is very good, some thoughts may be original. 5 thoughtful items included for each category. Research is exemplary, and items included are written in the students' own words.
Report No report written. Less than two pages in length, more than 2-3 grammatical errors. Includes very few key points needed. Two pages in length, more than 2-3 grammatical errors. Includes most information needed, but missing some key points. Two pages in length, double spaced, less than 2-3 grammatical errors. Includes information about the composer, musical happenings, inspiration for the piece, and the student's personal opinion about the inspiration.
Group Work Chooses to work mostly alone, little to no input given to the group. Gives few ideas to the group. Mostly allows the rest of the team to complete the work for them. Gives some ideas, but still may not have contributed as much as others. Gives insightful input while working in a group setting. Works to be a valuable part of the team.
Concert Program Statement Unsatisfactory statement. Does not meet time requirements, little relevant information given. Fair statement, less or more than 2-3 minutes, big gaps in information given. Well written statement, but less or more than 2-3 minutes with some missing key points. Concise, but informative information, about 2-3 minutes in length appropriate for presenting at the spring concert. Includes information about composer, piece, inspiration, and unique thoughts about the piece.

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