Ordering in the restaurant in Spain



Your performance will be based on the following categories: You can earn up to 15 points on this project.  

Check List

1. Must have a Spanish name for your restaurant.

2. Accurate use of Spanish menu vocabulary. 

3. Menu items should be in Spanish.

4. Brief description of all menu items (Ingredient).

5. Properly checked for spelling errors.

6. Use your creativity in designing the menu and use colors to make your menu appealing.

7.  Use images in menu design which can depict the restaurant logo as well as items on menu.

8. At least three(3) items should be included in each menu category. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner etc)

9. Meals should be typical dishes of Spain.


# Poor Fair Good Expert Score
Spanish name for your restaurant. Name for the restaurant is not appropriate. The name could have been given more thought. Name is somewhat appropriate. The name is suitable. 2
Creativity and neatness (Presentation) No images,not creative, sloppy, incomplete, rushed work. A few images, not very creative, somewhat sloppy, somewhat complete. More images, somewhat creative, colorful and attractive. Many images, very creative, colorful and attractive. 3
Research No research was done. Shows that little research was done but enough was not presented. Research was done. A lot of research was done and is evident. 5
Spelling and Accuracy 5 or more spelling or grammatical errors. 2-4 spelling or grammar errors. 1 spelling or grammar errors. No spelling or grammar errors. 5

Total Score: 15 Points

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