Endangered Animal Webquest



Great zoologists *strive for accuracy* and make sure they have all of the information complete!

1. Are all of the questions on your research sheet answered?

  • If not, go back to the process tab and click on the links to find the answers!

2. How do you want to share what you learned with others?  Look at the pictures below to help you think about what you want to create!


Technology Presentation
Description: Do you want to create a presentation on the computer to teach everyone about your endangered animal?
Description: Do you want to make a brochure to share the information you learned?
Creative Story
Description: Do you want to pretend to be your animal and write a creative story to share your information?
Description: Do you want to create a poster to share your information?
Free Choice
Description: Do you have a different idea? What would you like to create to share your information?

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