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You need to obtain atleast 70% of total points for each individual task to pass.
If you score only 50%, you will still have a chance to correct your mistakes but the minimum points for passing will be raised and you will have less time to complete the tasks.

1st task:
  • every properly answered question can yield 2 points
  • if the answer is lacking in some aspect but is not entirely wrong you get 1 point
  • you need at least 9 points to pass, if you scored atleast 7 you will have a chance to retry but you need to send the correct answers till midnight next day and the minimum score for passing will be 11 points insead of 9.
2nd task: essay will be judged according to the following criteria:
  • knowledge of the topic
  • composition
  • language skill
  • creativity
You can receive a maximum of 10 points for each criterion, 40 in total
  • you need atleast 28 points in total to pass.
  • if you score 20-27 points, you will get 2 days to correct your mistakes. Minimum for passing in this case is 32 points.
  • if you reach a score of 0-2 in any evaluated area, you automatically fail the whole task without a chance to retry..

3rd task: manga will be judged according to the following criteria:
  • artwork: how does it look like as a whole
  • creativity: the more interesting and unorthodox ideas for a plot/an event the better
  • language: grammar, spelling mistakes, use of suitable phrases for the plot/event
  • knowledge of the topic: presence of distinctive features found in a manga (text layout, colouring, correct graphical representation of different facial expressions/mood etc.)
The highest normally achievable score is 35 points unless your artwork is exceptionally good then you can get more
  • every area except artwork yield a maximum of 10 points
  • maximum for artwork is 5 points but you can get bonus points if it is really good, these points will be used if you are lacking points in other areas
Minimum required for passing is 24 points.
If you score atleast 17,5 (50%) you will get 3 days to correct anything which was lacking. The minimum for passing, in this case is, 27 points.

Because the last task is a group work, every member of each group will receive the same score for the whole project (3rd task), not just for his part to encourage teamwork!


# Poor (0-45) Decent (46- 60) Very Good (61-76) Excellent (77-89) Score
Knowledge of the topic Basically none. Only basic knowledge, still need some work. Sufficient amount of knowledge. You were well prepared. Great knowledge of the topic. /
Creativity Paste and copy is not enough. Own ideas are lacking but the adaptation of other people's ideas is good. Mostly own ideas with little inspiration in others. High level of creativity, basically only own ideas. /
Language Lots of spelling and gramatical mistakes. Incorrect use of phrases, bad word order. Passable language skill, some mistakes still present, phrases sometimes used incorrectly. Good use of language. Mistakes almost nonexistant. Good use of phrases and vocabulary. Excellent use of language. No mistakes or wrong word order. Great suitable phrases and vocabulary. /
Artwork Stickman with large eyes doesn't count. Details are seriously lacking. Details are not bad. Manpu could use a bit more work though. Background and characters have a high level of detail. Manpu are used very well. Work of art, you could draw manga for a living. /

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