The United States and Westward Expansion



This project is worth 45 points with an optional 5 points extra credit. This is a group project and all students within the group are required to make an equal effort.

You will submit a group travelersí journal at the end of the project. The journal should include all the following information;

All the key components should be well researched & addressed. (5 points each, 25 points total)

  • An estimated amount of time to reach the destination. Be able to explain why you think this is how long it will take. An estimated amount of miles you will have traveled.
  • What types of hardships did your family face on the trip? (Must include 2) Be able to explain in detail how the hardships affected the family and if you were able to recover, why or why not.
  • What type of transportation will you be using? Why did your group choose this form of transportation? What will you be using for shelter?
  • List of supplies that you will bring with you, why you chose to bring them. An estimated cost of the supplies and how the supplies will be stored on the trip.
  • The key components should be well researched and supported with sources.

You will give a 5-10 minute presentation to the class about your trip. (15 points)

For the presentation you may choose to read passages from your traveler's journal, or just briefly explain your key components. Groups will be given extra credit for presentation creativeness. (up to 5 extra points)

Your final journal must be written without grammar and spelling errors. (5 points)


# Not included in project Low Quality and missing major key components Quality but missing few key components Quality Score
All key components are researched & addressed (5 points each) 0 10 15 20 __/20
Explanations are backed up with evidence from research 0 2 4 5 __/5
Presentation (+ optional extra credit) 0 5 10 15 __/15
Grammar & spelling 0 2 4 5 __/5

Total Score: ___/45

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