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# 1- Good Start 2- Getting Better 3- Very Good 4- Exemplary Score
Teamwork Your team did not stay focused on the task although you are capable of working together. Your product reflects a standard lower than you are capable of. Your team required frequent assistance, but your product shows that your efforts to overcome challenges have paid off. Your team worked well, for the most part. You required some intervention to function fully. Your product shows evidence of hard work. Your team worked well and made good use of assigned roles. Together, you made a great product! 1-4
Presentation You completed a presentation, but it had little to do with digital citizenship. Your presentation addressed digital citizenship, but strayed from the main ideas we focused on in the WebQuest. Your presentation covered the material, but does not show evidence of collaboration and creative problem solving. Your presentation is creative and shows evidence of higher order thinking skills in action! 1-4
Agreement Content Your agreements do not illustrate an understanding of the four aspects of digital citizenship covered in this WebQuest. Your agreements come close to addressing the main points of the WebQuest, but one or two of them miss the mark. Your agreements indicate that you understand the main points addressed in this WebQuest. The agreements you decided on make it clear that you understand what it means to be a good digital citizen. 1-4
Digital Citizenship in Action You needed help to stay focused on the task and did not handle the freedom of working in groups with computers wisely. You struggled to handle the material and work process in a mature manner at first, but by the end you seemed to have gotten the idea. At times, you did not handle the subject matter maturely, but you did a good job of engaging with the lesson and had good work habits. You handled the subject matter in a mature manner and made good choices with your independent working time. 1-4

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