Copyright and Fair Use in the Music Clasroom


Each category is worth 4 points, for a total possible 16 points for the WebQuest and Prezi.  On day five, I will administer a short, written response asking for four laws regarding copyright, two of which are specific to the music classroom.  Overall, the week is worth a total of 20 points.  Each correct law written down will constitute one point.


# Poor Adequate Good Excellent Score
Copyright Overview and Fair Use Posts Students did not complete required number of posts (5 copyright, 5 fair use). Students completed total number of posts, however points were not taken from both video and websites. Students completed posts, little collaboration made between students who viewed video and read website. Students completed posts, inferences drawn through collaboration that shows exemplary summary between both video and website. _/4
Video Students did not meet minimum time requirement (1 minute) or did not complete at all. Students met minimum time requirement, however no insight given to copyright materials in their folders. Information is correct and accurate regarding folder contents, some insight given into analysis of contents. Information is correct regarding folder contents, insightful analysis given to content of students' folders. _/4
Prezi Not all pages of Prezi are present. All pages present, presentation, bland aesthetics, some information missing All pages present, reasonable aesthetics, all information present All pages present, aesthetically pleasing, all information present. _/4
Presentation Paper Not turned in. Points made were not different than ones in your Prezi, summary lacks insight or understanding of topic. Points made were different than ones in Prezi, summary shows some insight into understanding of topic. Points made were different than ones in your Prezi, summary shows in-depth knowledge of understanding of topic. _/4

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