Assessing the Assessment



Much of your evaluation comes from the demonstration that you can explain various types and forms of assessment and that you know when to properly implement them. 


# Needs Improvement (5) Developing (7) Proficient (9) Exemplary (10) Score
Assessment Assignment Activity Sheet Student did not answer the questions with much thought or clarity. Student gave short answers and is starting to understand the concept of assessment. Student answered the questions and backed up opinions when needed with references. Student fully answered each question, providing insight into their learning and provided the necessary references to support their opinions. 10 x 2
Structure of Assignment Student has multiple spelling and grammar mistakes throughout their work and did not write in complete sentences. Student has a few spelling and grammar mistakes. They wrote in complete sentences, but the structure and flow is lacking. Student has very few spelling and grammar mistakes. All sentences are complete in structure and meaning. Student has no mistakes in spelling and grammar. All sentences are complete in structure and meaning. 10

Total Score: 30

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