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# Attempt to support/refute claim Developing support/refute for claim Very good support/refute for claim Outstanding support/refute of claim Score
Initial 10 websites reviewed and posted using Word Template Less than 10 websites. Websites not related to topic. 2.5/10 Less than 10 websites. Most websites are directly related to topic. 5/10 10 websites Each website relates directly to topic. 7.5/10 More than 10 websites. All firmly support topic. 10/10 /10
Collaboratively or individually create opposing view Less than 5 websites posted. Weak support for opposing view. 1/5 Almost 5 websites posted to support opposing view. Most websites pertain to opposing view. 2.5/5 5 Websites posted to support opposing view. All offer support for opposing view. 4/5 More than 5 websites posted to support opposing view. All clearly support opposing view. 5/5 /5
Support/refute answers the question "Why" Limited statement on why. Less than 1 sentence. 1/5 Some exploration of why. At least 1 sentence or keywords 2.5/5 Why explored and supported by website. 1 sentence and keywords 4/5 Why is clearly represented in statement. 1 or more sentences/1 or more keywords 5/5 /5
Posted discussion paragraph. Paragraph doesn't provide links. Paragraph has errors in sentence structure/grammar/spelling. Disrespectful tone. 0/5 Paragraph offers some reflection on view points. Contains at least 1 link to website reference. Minimal spelling/grammar/structure errors. Respectful tone. 2.5/5 Paragraph reflects on view point with 1 or more specific links. Minor structure/spelling/grammar errors. Respectful and welcoming tone. 4/5 Paragraph firmly supports and reflects shared viewpoints. Include more than 2 links to websites. No mechanical errors. Respectful, welcoming and encouraging tone. 5/5 /5

Total Score: /25

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