Why are/aren't my parents laughing?



This page contains 4 photos of things made with Legos. These photos are a guide for you to begin asking your parents questions and to start you out on your Searches.

Answer the questions in the Photo's descriptions and then prepare a presentation with the information you have collected.


# Needs Improvement You've got the Basics You Understand this Stuff! Outstanding, you're ready to Move on. Score
Presentation Contains visual aids. No visual aids. 1 pt 1 visual aid but not relevent. 2 pt Visual aid applicable to the content. 3 pt Multiple Visual aids of different formats and applicable to the content. 4 pt
Research was effective. No relevent or related searchs conducted. 1 pt Searches were made, but information is unclear. 2 pt Searches are related to content and lead to understanding. 3 pt Many searches conducted, multiple sources of information has been gathered 4 pt

Total Score:


Photo 4
Description: What Book was this photo based on? Have your parents read it? Have you read it?
Photo 1
Description: Do you know what movie this first appeared in?
Photo 2
Description: Where can this truck be found?
Photo 3
Description: Do your parents know what this is? What Movie is it from?

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