Until you complete the following, you shall not pass. :) 

  • 1. WordSearch Completed - 5 points. 
  • 2. Vocab Worksheet - 10 points. 
  • 3. In class participation - 5 points. 
  • 4. Blog post - 20 points. 
BONUS 5 maximum points from game.


# Fails to meet requirements Barely meets requirements Missing one element All elements included Score
Word Search Not complete or words connected incorrectly. 1 Some words connected. 2 Nearly all done but not finished. 4 Finished. 5 5
Vocab Sentences not complete or do not make sense. 2 Some sentences work, others do not. 4 Nearly all sentences make sense but they have grammatical errors. 6-8 Sentences show understanding and application of the vocabulary. 10 10
In class participation Asleep or on phone all of class. 0 Speaks some but does not really contribute to class. 2 Contributes to class a few times. 4 Contributes without being asked and contributes good information or questions. 5 5
Blog Post Post is not original and comments missing. 2 Post is not long enough but insightful, missing one comment or two comments that fail to meet length requirement. 4 Post is complete but one comment might be lacking. 6-8 Summary and comments contribute to the entire classes learning. 10 10

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