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H. Scoring rubric including creative elements.   

Student Name:__________________________ Mark: ______ /25

Evaluation of Oral Presentation

C’est un début!/Beginning

2 point

Sur le bon chemin!/Progressing

3 points

Ça marche bien!/Competent

4 points

Vous êtes experts!/Expert

5 points


Sur /5


Most words are pronounced incorrectly. Difficulties understanding the speaker.

Some words are pronounced incorrectly, but the presentation is still understandable.

Most words are pronounced correctly, making the presentation easily understandable.

All words are pronounced correctly, a native speaker can easily understand the presentation. New additional vocab (not taught in class) was added to the presentation and was pronounced correctly. 



Words are not clearly enunciated. As a result, the presentation is incomprehensible.

Some words are clearly enunciated. Some of the presentation is comprehensible.

Most words are clearly enunciated. As a result, most of the presentation is easy to comprehend.

All words are clearly enunciated. All listening can easily understand the presentation.



Voice is too low

Volume is audible.

Volume is adequate. Most people can hear the presentation.

Volume is excellent. All listening can easily hear the presentation.


Use of French

Most of the presentation is delivered in English

Some of the presentation is delivered in French

Most of the presentation is in French.

All of the presentation is in French.



Unprepared. Student does not about the topic given, students can’t answer questions ask by their peers, so all information was read from slides. No eye contact

Somewhat prepared. Students have some knowledge about the topic, student can answer question by peers, some eye contacts, some information were read from the slides.

Prepared. Students have knowledge about the topic read less information was read from slides. Students made eye contact.  Students can answer their peer’s questions.

Well prepared and can answer all their peers’ questions in the target language. It is obvious that much practice has taken place. A lot of eye contact, minimum information was read from the slides.


Visual Aids and creativity

Use no pictures and animation during the presentation, and no creativities.

Show the pictures but does not refer to them while presenting. Presentation has animation minimum creativities.

Use and refer to pictures while presenting. Presentation has animations. Some creativities

Pictures and animations are an integral part of the presentation. A lot of creativities. Short Video or song is included in the presentation




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