Civil Rights: 100 Years in the Making



Use the rubric below when writing your report.  Remember to write the report as one who participated in the movement and to explain events to an audience who has never heard of this movement before.

After previewing the Rubric (below), click on "Conclusion"...


# 3 6 8 10 Score
identify a catalyst of the Civil Rights Movement no catalyst is identified catalyst is named only catalyst is named and partial explanation given catalyst is identified and an explanation is given demonstrating why the catalyst was chosen and the impact it had on the Civil Rights movement 10
evaluation of civil disobedience no evaluation given examples of civil disobedience are used civil disobedience is mentioned as an impact on making changes in society civil disobedience is evaluated on its effectiveness to make changes in society with specific examples given to support evaluation 10
relevance of the Civil Rights Movement no mention of relevance is given importance of Civil Rights movement is given, but no relevance to today brief explanation of importance and relevance detailed relevance of the Civil Rights movement is given along with its importance to today 10
overall report simple listing of facts NA NA a full report clearly explaining and evaluating the Civil Rights movement 10

Total Score:

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