Belarusian Cuisine



Total score: 50

1. Does Belarus have its national cuisine? How old are Belarusian cuisine traditions? Find at least 3 adjectives to describe Belarusian cuisine. Name the ways the food is processed (at least 4). 9 points

2. For the list of dishes and their correct pronunciation: 7 points

Which dishes from the list have you already tasted and which not? Which ones would you like to taste? 7 points

For: What are the main ingredients of popular Belarusian dishes? Make a list. Compare your list with your classmate's. 7 points + correct pronunciation - 2 points

If asked by a foreign friend to cook any traditional dish and share the recipe with him or her, which one would you choose? Why? 9 points

6. Prepare a description of the dish and write how to cook it. 9 points


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