All About Shapes



Working as a group can be so much fun, but today we will individually create artwork using only the basic shapes learned. 

    Shape Artwork

    Teacher Name: Ms. Cunningham 

    Student Name:     ________________________________________

100-93  A
92-85  B
84-77  C
76-0  U
Quality of Construction
The drawing was carefully constructed from basic shapes. Proportions are correct.
The drawing was constructed from basic Most proportions are correct.
The drawing was constructed from some basic shapes. proportions are somewhat correct.
The drawing was put together sloppily. proportions are barely correct.
There were no smudges or stray marks. Very clean and neat.
There were a few smudges or stray marks. Clean and Neat.
There were many smudges and/or stray marks.
Very messy with lots of smudges and stray marks.
Time and Effort
Class time was used wisely. Much planning went into the drawings.
Class time was used wisely.Student could have put a little more effort during class time.
Class time was not always used wisely. Talking and/or playing got in the way of effort.
Class time was used for talking and playing. Not much effort on drawing.

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