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Your presentation will be assessed using the following rubric.


# Need to Improve - 1 Getting There - 2 Got It - 3 Ninja Master - 4 Score
Clarity Slides are sloppy and/or confusing. Order of slides hard to follow. Message/information is unclear. Many grammar/spellingissues. Slides are somewhat understandable. Slide sequence choppy. Information not well organized. Some grammar/spellingissues. Introduction, body and conclusion are evident. Info is clearly communicated. Slides are generally neat and interesting. Few grammar/spellingissues. Superbly organized. Clear intro/body/conclusion. Excellent appearance and neatness of slides. Interesting and entertaining. Zero spelling or grammar issues. -
Targets No clear relation between self-assessment and learning. Information disjointed. Importance and uses not stated. Some type of example or explanation is evident that at least describes the concept of self-assessment. There is at least one or two clear examples. Self-assessment defined. The importance is stated. 3 solid examples are provided. Created at least one new type of assessment. Mastery of understanding is evident. Language is informative and concise. All necessary examples are provided. New assessment example demonstrates advanced thinking and creativity. -
Resources Clearly, the resources were not read. No clear use of the provided resources is evident. No new resources are related. Seems that resources were at least given a glance. There are one or two places were a connection to a resource is made. At least one new resource provided. Slides reflect that the resources were obviously utilized. At least 2 new resources are provided from decent sites. Demonstrates an in-depth consumption of the material. At least three new resources are provided from high quality sites/advanced papers. -
Engaging Presentation is dull. Way too much or too little information. No decent illustrations. Colors and fonts are not too sloppy. Few decent images. Colors and fonts are sloppy but passable. Interesting graphics on most slides. Colors and fonts are well chosen. Very interesting and/or entertaining imagery throughout. Colors and fonts excellently crafted. -

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