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The evaluation is divided into three main parts:

  • Peer assessment: All of you will also assess your team's performance. For that purpose, we will use the site SurveyMonkey. Please click here to access the survey.
  • Self assessment: All of you will also evaluate your own team performance. Please click here to access the survey.
  • Teacher's assessment.


# Beginning Developing Very good Examplary Score
Content Content is minimal. There are no details. The information given is incomplete and is not useful. Students' content needs more detail. The information given is not well organised and not clear. Students provide detailed content. The content is organized and the planning is clear. Students provide detailed content and useful information. Content is organized.
Team work No team work at all. Unbalanced accomplishment of tasks. Students didn't work in team. The communication within the group was minimal. Students worked together to accomplish the tasks. There was communication within the group. Students work in team all the time. They helped each other. Very good level of communication within the group.
Use of English Very poor English. Unintelligible oral presentation. Poor English. Almost unintelligible oral presentation. English easily understandable. Correctness and accuracy. Very good. No grammatical errors. Highly cohesionated speech.
Oral presentation Presentation is done partially. Low comprehensibility,lack of information, non-verbal information out of control. No visual aids. Very few visual aids. Non-relevant information, almost uncomprehensibl. Lack of organization and preparation. Some visual aids. Main information included. Sometimes unclear. Stage performance good enough. Lots of visual aids provide a clear understanding.Smooth presentation full of details. Information treatment properly done. Overall situation under control.

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