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Evaluation needed for  make student understand where is the mistake..

this is  for the rubric..


# Bad Average Good Excellent Score
Understanding There is no understanding about what student have done. Students have a little bit understanding about the topic by practice the movement of martial arts after watching videos. Students have good understanding such as classify the kata or komite Students have complete understanding about the technic such students have made complete the movement in kata or komite 10%
Study Skills Apply little independent learning movement komite Basic well developed practice in kata or komite and research skills of karate Fairly good study and research skills of karate. Student shows some movement of komite. Highly developed practice and learn kick or punch skills. Well self-motivated. 20%
Review the movement of karate Student have not made a complete movement in kata of karate Students have made a half movement in karate Students have made complete movement but there is some mistakes and need revision. Students have made complete and correct movement in kata 20%
Practice did not make a good movement, just remember the first step of kata in karate begin understand some movement have a good movement but still needed guided have a good movement without giuded 50%

Total Score: 100%

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