A Tail of Elephants



Students will be evaluated using the following rubric. Students will be scored as a whole and based on their individual work. 


# Beginning Developing Very Good Exemplary Score
Collaboration Student does not work well with other in group. Does not contribute or listen to others ideas. Student did not complete their assigned job. Student worked okay with other members. Did not really contribute any ideas and participated slightly. Did minimal work of their assigned job. Student worked well with other group members and listened to their ideas. they contributed some ideas to the group and did their assigned job. Student worked well with all group members. Contributed to all discussions and respected others ideas. Did all of their assigned tasks and worked to help others. 25%
Project, grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure. Student did not turn in project at all or on time. There were countless errors. Student did not follow requirements, several errors. Student turned in project, minimal errors. Student turned in project, had little to no errors. 25%
Style (colorful, bright, organized, pictures, flows) No color, no pictures, material not organized well. No color, sloppy, material slightly flows. Good color and style. Work is well organized and includes pictures. Flows nicely and easy to understand. Excellent color and organization, several pictures that match the information, flows with easy to understand information. 25%
Presentation Student failed to present. Student presented late or with no enthusiasm. Read straight from the screen. Student presented on time with enthusiasm. Did not read directly from screen. Student presented with full energy and moved around engaging audience. Only referenced the screen when presenting. 25%

Total Score:

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