Delving Deeper into Freak the Mighty




# Advanced 4 Proficient 3 Basic 2 Minimal 1 Score
Independent WebQuest Research All areas of the quest were addressed and handled with a high degree of sophistication. The quest demonstrated a great deal of thought. Most areas of the quest were addressed and demonstrated a great deal of thought. Only one area of the quest was addressed with minimum effort in the development of the task. The quest is incomplete and/or it is apparent that little effort went into the development of the task. %25
Connection to Novel Student is able to make a connection between the topic being studied and the novel read. Connection between the novel and the research is apparent and the student points out more than one area within the book that deals with his/her topic. Some connections were made, and they were explained well. A few connections were made, but they were not in depth. There were no connections between the novel and the poster board. %25
Poster board Creation 25% Poster board addressed the issue that was being researched completely. Poster board had headings and results were easy to understand. Poster board was organized in a neat and creative manner. Poster board addressed the issues being researched. It was organized and was easy to read. There were some grammatical errors in usage, spelling, and/or punctuation. Poster board was created. Headings were used, but items were missing. The correct use of spell/grammar check would have been helpful. Poster board was created. There was no organization - papers were just stapled to in in a haphazard manner. Utilizing the grammar/spell check feature would have assisted in clarity. %25
Individual Bibliography All parts of bibliography completed with a great deal of effort. Most of the bibliography completed appropriately. Most sources or bibliography missing. No bibliography completed. %25

Total Score: %100

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