Where it all Began and Where it is Now...Music Theory



Evaluation Description:

This section describes the evaluation criteria needed to meet performance and content standards. It gives you, the learner, information how your performance will be evaluated. For your sake, I am communicating to you: how you need move from Gruesome, to Good, to  Great.


# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Participation The student is not doing any work, and is being a disturbance toward other students. The student is doing some work, but is still being a disturbance. The student is doing the work, but gets distracted sometimes. The student never gets distracted, and has completed all the assigned work. %20
Presentation The student shows no signs of learning any subject matter. The student shows that he/she is moving in the right direction, but still needs some practice. The student shows great skills, and is very close to mastering the subject matter. The student has mastered the subject matter. %50
Application The student has not applied any of the material into his/her musical ensembles, or daily life. The student is starting to apply some of the concepts of music theory in his/her musical ensembles, or daily life. The student has shown application of the subject matter, but struggles to do it consistently. The student consistently applies the knowledge of music theory in his/her musical ensemble, or daily life. %30

Total Score: %100

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