水循環:水從何而來?The Water Cycle: Where does the water come from?

海報設計的評分準則 Assessment Rubrics of the Poster Design


You will be graded on correct grammar, neatness, and organization and whether or not you included all the parts of the Water Cycle.

開始海報設計之前,請仔細檢查評估標準。Please check the evaluation criteria carefully before you start your poster design. 

Webmaster : Miss Helen Chan (LTMPS)


# Grade A Grade B Grade C Fail Score
學生將創作一個有組織性和整齊的海報或小冊子。他們可以用色彩和不同的媒體形式來表達自己的想法。Students will create a poster or brochure that is organized and neat. They can use color and different media forms to express their ideas 1. 這個作品設計得非常用心。 There was a lot of effort put into this project. 2. 相當整潔且有組織Very organized and neat. 1. 不夠用心Some effort was put into the project. 2. 組織性一般The project has some organization. 1. 頗為用心There was not much effort put into this project 2. 整潔且有組織Quite organized and neat 1. 投入程度低Little or no effort put into the project. 2. 草率且沒有組織性The project is sloppy and unorganized 30
語法的正確程度Grammatical correct 甚少或沒有語法錯誤There are little or no grammatical errors 少量語法錯誤There are some grammatical errors 部分語法錯誤 There are some grammatical errors 大量的語法錯誤There are a lot of grammatical errors 30
海報清楚地解釋了水循環The poster explains the Water Cycle completely **完整說明水循環的過程The poster is missing less than 1 stage of the water cycle **缺少1-2個有關水循環的過程The poster is missing 1-2 stages of the water cycle **缺少3-4個有關水循環的過程The poster is missing 3-4 stage of the water cycle **缺少多於4個有關水循環的過程The poster is missing more than 4 stages of the water cycle 20
在節約用水方面提出有建設性的建議Have sound suggestions on saving water 多於5個節約用水的提議Have more than 5 saving water suggestions 提供不少有關節約用水的建議Have lots of saving water suggestions 多於1個節約用水的提議Have more than 1 saving water suggestions 沒有任何有關節約用水的建議Without any saving water 20

Total Score: 100

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