The Renaissance in Spain: 15th and 16th Century




# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Group Grade on Quiz Unable to construct knowledgeable questions. And did not seems to recognized the main points of the topic. Correctly constructed between 3-5 knowledgeable questions in several different ways. Correctly constructed less than three knowledgeable questions. Correctly constructed at least 10 knowledgeable questions in several different ways. For example, closed or multiple choice, true or false, and analytical or evaluative questions, and show that they got a clear understanding of the topic. %80
Group Grade on Summary Could not identify any significant points (ex.events) of the Renaissance. Irrelevant information was given. Identified less than 3 significant points of the Renaissace. Identified between 5 significant aspects in each of the categories of the topic on Renaissance. Identified more than 10 significant aspects of the Renassaince(significant events, key points,all the resources was used, and well sited. %80
Group Grade on Play Poor performance. Went out of the subject and did not incorporate applicable examples from the information provided on the webquest. Performed some aspects of the topic, but did not engage the audience. Performed some examples that apply to the topic, but did not fully engage the audience. Performed exellent examples that reflect the reading and understanding of the topic. Great emthusiams on the performance. Engaging to the class. %80
Group Contribution/Teamwork There was little contribution of the group members. Finished the task individually, but did assist the group completing the final task. Finished his individual task completely and gave some assistance to the group. All members of the group contributed equally to the activity's objectives. %20

Total Score: %100

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