Park Planner: A Lesson on Area, Perimeter, Circumference, and Volume



 Plan A Park- RUBRIC

Student Name:________________________    Final Score:__________


Sketch of Park Design  ____/ 10

 Design has the following:  ____/ 25

        About half of the park should consist of a picnic area and a playground, but these two sections do not need to be located together.  (5 pts)

        The picnic area should contain a circular flower garden.  There should also be a garden in at least one other place in the park.  (5 pts)

        There should be trees in several places in the park. Young trees will be planted, so your design should show room for the trees to grow.  (5 pts)

        There is a water feature in your park. (5 pts)

        The park must appeal to families, so there should be more than just a picnic area and a playground.  (5 pts)

 The final design is neat, clear, colorful, and easy to follow.  ___/5

 Math Calculations are completed and displayed: ____/30

        Formulas are listed

        Work is shown on separate paper

        Calculations have units/labels

 Written Report:  ___/20

Must include the following:

     The size (dimensions) of each item.  These items should include gardens, trees, picnic tables, playground equipment, and anything else you included in your design.

     The amount of land needed for each item and the calculations you used to determine the amount of land needed.

     The materials needed.  Include the amount of each item needed and the calculations you did to determine the amounts.  Include the number and type of each piece of playground equipment, the amount of fencing, the numbers of picnic tables and trash containers, the amount of land covered by concrete or blacktop (so the developers can determine how much cement or blacktop will be needed), and the quantities of other items you included in your park. 

     Journal Entry 


 Presentation of Park:  ____/ 10


TOTAL SCORE:   _____/ 100



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