DNA Candy Model




# Poor Developing Very Good Examplary Score
3-D DNA Model No Labels, Not Standing, Not All Bases Pair Some Labels, Bases Pairing, Helical Shape, Standing, Most Bases Pair Most Labels, Bases Pairing, Helical Shape, Free Standing, Bases Pair, Deoxyribose, Sugar, Phosphate, Hydrogen Bond, Nitrogenous, Bases Pairing, Helical Shape, Free Standing, Base Pairs (all) 25
Key No Name, Labels Misplaced, Wrong Pairs Name, Some Labels, Some Bases Paired Correctly Name,Most Labels, Correctly Placed Pairs Your Name, Deoxirybose Sugar, Phosphate, Hydrogen Bond, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine 25
Neatness Not Legible, No Key Points, Not Sturdy Legible, Some Key Points, Somewhat Sturdy Legible, Most Key Points, Sturdy Legible, Key Points, Sturdy 25
Creativity Materials Missing Some Materials Used Most Materials Used Used All Materials 25

Total Score: 100

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