Stand Up to Bullying




# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Presentation of manual. Work is not presented in an organised manner. Titles are not clearly identifiable. Work is presented clearly and neatly. Attention has been given to present work not just clearly but also in a pleasant way. Extra effort has been made in the presentation of this manual, in a way that the final product looks exceptionally good. %25
Level of Teamwork Group divided work so that very little teamwork took place. Competition between group members was also present. Students worked together however a lot of the work was done individually. Students worked as a cohesive group. They shared information and worked harmoniously. Students not only worked as a team but also went out of their way to help one another. %25
Content of manual. Material written is not of a flowing nature. Some information is written randomly. Only basic information was included. Very good material which is clear and inofrmative. Content of manual is very rich and creatively written in a way which engages the reader. %25
Creativity and originality. Minimal creativity in work produced. Some effort has been made to be creative. It is evident that a good effort has been made to be creative and original. Work is highly creative and original. %25

Total Score: %100

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