The Dust Bowl, diary of Grace Edwards



I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I personally think that you should read this book.

     This books genre is historical fiction. The story is written in first person, and written in a diary format. The author uses descriptive words to describe Graces every day life. Almost every day Grace writes a diary entry. It all started on Sunday, February 17, 1935. That day the winds were quieter then usual. The dust got worse/ more violent every dust storm. One storm Ruth (Grace's sister) was told to get the rags but one got blown away by the wind, and she chased it. Grace  chased after her and they had to stay at Helen's house  because the storm was to violent. There is this girl in graces class who is a snob because shes rich, her name is Sadie if you want to find out if Sadie changes in the end then you have to read this book. They had to sell their cow Rosi for money to buy seeds to plant their crops. The other cow  Dandelion  got Dust-Pneumonia and the veterinarian had to come and get the dust out of her. Rain has finally come to their home in Dalhart, Texas. Later Dandelion gave birth to a baby bull named Yucca. Ruth named the bull Yucca from the soap weed Yuccas. When i read over this the book sounded really good (even though I have already read the book) it sounded so good I wanted to read the book again. I read this book in a group and i pretty sure we all really liked it so I think you should read this book. It's defiantly the book for you if you want to find out what life was like during The Dust Bowl and The Great Depression. I hope you read this book and like it, if you do like it tell other people too read it, if you don't , oh well :) thanks for reading the book review :) :) :)

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