Aquatic Ecosystems (aka Aquatic Biomes)



Your brochure must include the following:A cover page with the name of your company, name of the ecosystem, and a color illustration or image (Make sure you make it visually appealing, we're trying to entice people to visit this ecosystem!)
  • All of the previous criteria organized in a coherent-chronological manner (e.g. order) that is both informative and easy to interpret
  • Color illustrations or images of all flora and fauna
  • Common name and scientific name (genus & species) of all flora and fauna as well as a few brief sentences of factual information about each organism (e.g. habitat, diet, reproduction, physical characteristics, etc.)
  • Color illustration or image of a food-web and/or a energy pyramid that pertains to the assigned ecosystem (Note: If designing your own illustration/image, you may use the same flora and fauna that you chose to inform potential clients about!)
  • Student's name and class period at the bottom of the last page of the brochure

Required Internet Sources Are Below! (Also, don't be afraid to venture or use additional links for images and information!)



# Shrimp (1) Guppy (2) Salmon (3) Shark (4) Score
Factual Accuracy Few facts are accurate Some of the facts are accurate Most of the facts are accurate All of the facts are accurate
Visual-Graphic Presentation Disorganized with few colored illustrations- images Some structure and organization. Missing several colored illustrations- images Descent structure and organization. Very few colored illustrations-images are missing Aesthetically pleasing in structure and illustrations-images
Ecological-Environmental Significance No references of ecological significance were mentioned Very little references of ecological significance were mentioned Many references of ecological significance were mentioned All references pertaining to the ecological significance of the ecosystem were mentioned
Marketablility Wouldn't attract any potential cliental to your agency Generates a moderate amount interest but very few potential consumers to your agency Generates a good amount of interest and many new potential customers to your agency Generates an extreme amount of interest and a lot of potential cliental

Total Score:

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