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In order to get full credit on this project, both students must be knowledgeable of their topic, show interest, have well thought out information and organization, and the information provided must be clear and easily understood.


# Poor Good Very Good Excellent Score
Knowledge Students struggled to answer questions about their topic. Students showed knowledge of the criteria but lacked complete understanding of it. Both students were knowledgeable of their topic and answered questions correctly. Both students know an exceptional amount about their topic and gave in depth information about it. 25
Clarity Project was not clear at all. Project was some what clear but needs work. Project displays clear information about the topic with little confusion. Project shows clear, concise information about the topic and is easily legible. 25
Research and organization There was little or no time and work put into this project. Project shows some accurate information and organization. Project displays mostly accurate information and good organization. Project displays accurate information and fantastic organization. 25
Interest Both students show little or no interest in this project. At least one student shows interest for their project. Both students show interest for their project. Both students are enthusiastic about their project and enjoy their topic. 25

Total Score: 100

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