Animal Classification



In order to get a good grade you will have to play all games in this webquest, create a poster showing the animal classifications and answer the chart your teacher gave you.   You must do your very best work. 


# 1 2 3 4 Score
Animal Clas- sification worksheet Students do not follow directions and poorly remember why scientist classify animals and how they classify them. Students remember how scientist classify animals but they DO NOT remember why they classify animals and vise-versa Students remember how scientists classify animals and also why they classify animals. Theyremember everything in # 3 and did more work than asked.
Matching Game Did not complete the game or even try to win. Students did some of the work. Students did not try that much. Students did complete the game and remeber most the questions and answers. Students compleated the game and remember all the questions and answers. Students answer right off the bat.
Jepordy Game students did poorly.They did not try at all. Students tried only because they had to. Students did poorly. Students tried and got a fairly well score. Students got a great score and got the Final Jepordy Challenge right if they chose it.
Build a fish Game Did not attempt. Did very poorly or did not try. Played game getting eaten for 3 or less times. played game without getting eaten.

Total Score:


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