You will have to work in groups of 4-5 students to complete this webquest. Your work will have to be presented orally to the class at the end of the first term. Make sure you choose who you are going to work with carefully as one of the marks for this project will be a team score.


# Failed Acceptable Good Excellent Score
Fluency and Pronunciation Too many mistakes. Difficult to understand. Listeners are able to follow the presentation without great difficulty. A limited number of minor mistakes. Students speak fluently and with very accurate pronunciation. 25%
Grammar and Vocabulary Major grammar mistakes. Poor and simplistic use of vocabulary. Students use grammar from their current level. Limited but appropriate use of vocabulary. Students use grammar with minor mistakes and good range of appropriate vocabulary. No grammar mistakes and excellent use of relevant vocabulary. 20%
Presentation skills and content Students read all the time. Tasks are not resolved appropriately or have been copied from a third party. Students attempt to present the topic but they refer to their notes too frequently. Tasks are completed with minimum effort. Well presented with minimal use of prompts. Most areas successfully covered. Very well presented without the use of prompts. All areas successfully completed. 25%
Team work and project layout One or more of the team do not participate in the presentation. No visual aids. Each member participates, but the overall result is unbalanced. Visual aids are used on a basic level. Each member participates equally. Visual aids are well used and well presented. Everyone participates and the visual aids are used in an excellent way to improve and support the presentation. 30%

Total Score: 100%

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