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This is what you need to have turned in!!!!

The questions 1-7  must be defined along with defining the 4 components of fitness, the 6 exercises that can be performed to improve those areas, and all three plans completed. 

A Strength Fitness Plan that is geared toward your 3 goals---must have at least 9 exercises for a one day workout---this must be printed out from the computer so you can use it every time we go into the weight room.   

Click on this site for example, but make sure you have this on ONE PAGE where you can document your progress:  http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/10-week-mass-building-program.html

This site is for beginners doing a 3 day workout of all body parts, but on split days.



*****Cardiovascular Plan--what is your Target Heart Rate Zone at 65% of your maximum heart rate and what is 85%?  Use the link below to help you calculate Target Heart Rate. 


On the above site you can also figure out your BMI, your Caloric Needs, etc...


*****Nutrition Plan--prepare a one week meal plan based on your dietary needs ----this also must be typed out and handed in. 

Examples of a one week diet plan for gaining weight.



Examples of a one week diet plan for losing weight.


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