The Empires of Ancient Africa



The following rubric will be used to grade each portion of the assignment. All points earned will be combined to produce a final grade out of 100. 

Read over the rubric to get an idea of how each section will be graded. Upon submission, you should have a good feel for what kind of grade you can expect.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Kingdoms Chart 10pts No effort was seen and very little research is evident. 15pts Some effort was seen and there is some evidence of research. 20pts An adequate amount of effort was seen and there is enough research to complete the essay. More thought could have been given to some areas. 25pts The student conducted solid research, even adding some outside sources. Their notes look well organized and thoughtfully completed. 25
Venn Diagram 5pts Little effort was seen in completing the diagram. No correlation between research and essay formation. 10pts Some effort was made to use notes to complete the diagram. More research could be present. 15pts A fair amount of research and though can be seen. 20pts The research and effort are superb. The viewer can clearly see how the essay will be formed. 20
Essay 10pts Very little research is present. The essay is mostly opinion. Little to no organization. Did not follow the guidelines. 15pts Some research and organization are present, but more is needed. Guidelines were somewhat followed. 25pts Research and organization are average. Essay could have used stronger language. Essay guidelines were followed. 35pts Research and essay formation are superb. Writer uses strong varied language and has a convincing final argument. 35
Map 5pts Map contains no legend, no color, no identification of geographic formations. Guidelines for map were not followed. No effort is seen. 10pts Author left off several details listed in the guidelines, but the general idea of where the kingdoms were is evident. Some effort is evident. 15pts Author followed the guidelines, but left off one or two insignificant points. Research and effort are evident. 20pts Map is clear and concise. Great effort is evident. 20

Total Score: 100

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