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Think carefully about the job you have investigated.  What responsibilities (painting, sewing, organizing, etc...) are involved in this job?  What personal qualities (strength, responsibility, creativity, knowledge in a specific area, etc...) would make a student well-suited to this job?

Create a WORDLE including at least 25 terms.  These terms must describe both:

  • Responsibilities associated with the job you researched
  • Personal qualities that will be necessary for success in this role
IMPORTANT:  Your wordle must emphasize one responsibility and one personal quality in a larger font.  The words you emphasize should be the MOST IMPORTANT terms in each category.  To be sure your chosen terms appear in larger font, enter them three or more times in your words list.

Be prepared to present your wordle to the class and to explain why you included many of your terms.  You will also need to explain why you believe your highlighted terms are the most important in their categories.  Your wordle and your presentation will be evaluated using this RUBRIC

Good luck!

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