Ozark Folk Center Field Trip



Final Products

 1. ______  Completed mission planning sheet. 

2. _______ Completed expenese budget including the cost per student for the field trip, calculations correct.

3. _______ Completed letter for your family, friends and school community.

                     *Must be at least three paragraphs.

See table below for more additional information on my grading details.


# Does Not Meet Expectations (0 points) Meets Some Expectations (1 point) Meets Expectations (2 points) Exceeds Expectations (3 points) Score
Calculated the correct cost for: transportation, lunch expense OR ticket expense. (calculator use allowed) Student did not perform calculations. Student performed calculations incorrectly. Student performed calculations correctly. Student performed calculations correctly, noting expense in dollars or units. 10 points
Included relevant details about folk music performance, including instrument type. Student did not write about the performance. Student listed the performance. Student wrote relevant detail of performance, including instrument. Student wrote relevant details of performance, including instrument and other musical facts. 10 points
Student explained 3 different facts from the folk culuture that interested them. Student did not explain any facts. Student explained 1 or 2 facts. Student explained 3 facts. Student explained 3 facts with detail and examples. 10 points
Write a 3 paragraph letter that contains: Ozark Folk Center Performance, field trip plans & expenses, and applicable culture elements from Mission Planning Sheet. Student did not include required elements. Student included 2, but not all, required elements. Student included all required elements. Student included all required elements, with relevant facts and excellent grammatical usage. 10 points

Total Score:

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