Journey to the past!



Hello my little travelers!

How will Mrs. Fox see ifher students learned from taking their journey and how will this process look like?

At the end of each day ofour journey, you will as I like to say be evaluated from what you learned; evaluation means checking your knowledge. Mrs. Fox will have you do different activities that will show her how well you are doing during our journey. All your work will be put inside your folder so it is your responsibility to remember about putting your work in the folder each day after you complete your work.

Remember the Galaxy Company needs your help!

*Note-your teacher will give everyone a folder at the beginning of our journey!

At the end of our first day will write a short paragraph about George Washington. After discussing with your partner about what you have learned, I want you to think how important George Washington was for our country.

At the end of day two, you will do fun quiz about Vikings. To access the quiz, you will need to click on the link that you will find after we complete day two of our journey.

At the end of day three,you will be creating a map of your favorite place. You will have a chance to travel to your place and when you get back, I want you to make a map of that place. You must include compass rose, symbols, keys and legend.

At the end of day four,you will be creating a flag for your family. Use key colors provided by your teacher to create a flag that would fit your family best. Then you will need to write a short paragraph explaining your choice.

At the end of day five,you will be have 15minutes to think about one thing you need and one thing you want. Then you will draw a picture of those two things and explain using few sentences why you believe this is something you need and something you want. Example;you can say that your house is a thing you need because it gives you protection but candy is something your really do not need to stay alive.


I will be evaluating your performance by having you to do different activities each day.The activities will include writing, drawing, quiz and creating a map. I will also be looking at how well you work as a team; you and your partner. I will pay special attention to how active you are during your discussions and activities. You need to complete all the steps in our WebQuest and all your work because I will look at it as well. Last, I will look on how well you did during creation of our Statue of Liberty so remember to take part in our project!

Mrs. Fox will evaluate your overall performance by using the rubric below.

 If you have any questions, I am always here to help. Just let me know by raising your hand.



Student was determined to visit different places and learn about them. Student worked with his/her partner and shared his knowledge by taking parts in discussions and other little activities. Student did not care for visiting places and did now work with the partner or share his knowledge. Student cared about some of the places of our trip and sometimes shared his knowledge. Student show determination in visiting our places and learning. Student shared his knowledge. Student showed determination in visiting places and learning. Student shared his knowledge by effectively discussing our topics and by completing all of the activities. 4
Student follow all the steps in the WebQuest and completed all his work. Student did not follow the steps in the quest and did not complete any work. Student followed some the steps in the WebQuest and completed part of the his work. Student followed most of the steps in the WebQuest but finished all his work Student effectively followed the steps in the WebQuest and successfully completed each of the five day's activities 4
Student contributed to the creation of our classroom’s statue of liberty. Student did not contribute to the creation of the statue. Student contributed some ideas but never tried to use the ideas. Student contributed many ideas and used them as well. Student ideas were interesting and higher thinking was used. Ideas were used in creation of the statue. 4

Total Score: 12

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