Who Will You Fight For: The Confederacy or the Union



You will be evaluated on how well you have researched the topics, and how you have incorporated all of the information you gathered into your speeches. Each person's individual contributions will be evaluated as well and will apply to the group's grade. This is meant to encourage each member to do their best for the good of the group. This is very much a group assignment, and the debate itself is meant to bring some fun competition to the project. The rubric for this project is a separate attachment, and it clearly outlines the criteria that will be graded. If there is any confusion over what is required, you are free to email me or to come in during my free periods to talk about it. Good luck and have fun.

 Nance, James (colorer & sculptor). (2002) [Silver Gelatin Print], May 17, 2012, http://abrahamlincolnartgallery.com/archivepage6.htm.


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