The Life Of a Caterpillar



The student will be evaluated on how well they gather the information. Student will also be evaluasted on how well they learned thier numbers and if they were able to count as well as understanding the concept.



# Beginning Developing Very Good Commendable Score
Information Gathering Information acquired and accurate. Information accured. Information was not 100%understood. Information was understood verbally but not written. Information is understood verbally and accurate. 30%
math Knowledge Math knowledge is uhderstood and accurate Information is accurate but not clear Information is accurate and understood but difficult to perform worksheet. Information is worksheet accurate and clear masterd 25%
Group Work requires reminder and redirection of staying on task. Student askes questions in good manner Student accept and aquire critiques from peers Student works well and listen to other in the group as the learning process acurse 20%
worksheet work facts are not recorded properly facts are accurately reported of the worksheet All fact of the addion are accurate. The student understand the problem and reports the understanding of the solution 25%

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