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Civil Rights Movement

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Evaluation Evaluation

Here is the criteria that your project will be graded on. Be sure to look at each category, and know what you need in your project.
Evaluation Rubric

  1-3 4-6 7-9 10 Score

Creativeness The journal had unfinished pages, and was poorly put together. Was not original, and the scene was not detailed. Had a lot of detail, and had personal expression. The reflection was well thought out. Went above and beyond the expectations with a very creative design.

Organization Poorly put together, and very messy. Some pieces were out of place, and did not follow guidelines. Well put together and proper placement. Very well structured with nothing out of place.

Spelling and Grammar. Numerous errors throughout the project. Few errors throughout the project, and poor sentence structure. A couple of errors, but good sentence structure and spelling. No spelling or grammatical errors.

Information Little to no research, and misinformation. Insufficient facts, and not well researched. Good information, and effective facts. Plenty of information, and well researched.

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