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Student will be assessed for Day 2 (Crossword Puzzle and Timeline)  Both of the assignments are individual and as such will be graded individually.

  • Creativity----25%
  • All words are used----25%
  • All definitions used----25%
  • Words are properly connected----24%
  • Total points possible----100%

The map on day 4 is an individual assignment and will be graded as follows:

  • Title---20%
  • Presentation---20%
  • Labels---20%
  • Key/Legend---20%
  • Scale---20%
  • Total points possible---100%

 The following rubric is for the newspaper assignment (Day 1), Venn Diagram/cause and effect paper (Day 3), and the Bill of Rights discussion and paper (Day 5).



# Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Very Good Excellent Score
Layout Layout is messy and not easy to follow. All five categories are not mentioned or are incomplete. Layout is messy and inconsistent. Three of five categories are mentioned. Layout is easy to follow but not all categories are discussed thoroughly or vice versa all categories are discussed but layout is messy. Layout is consistent and all five categories are thoroughly discussed. 50%
Supplementary features (graphs, maps, citations) No supplementry features are used. There are a few features used. Many features are used. The supplementary features used are complete. 15%
Mechanics Has many errors both spelling and grammar. The topics are not followed, reader is completely lost. Has a few spelling and grammar errors. The topics are mostly inconsistently. Has a few spelling and grammar errors and at least 4 of the 5 topics flow consistently. Not spelling or grammar errors. All five topics flow consistently. 15%
Individual Contributions Did not complete task and did not work with team mates.Negative feedback from team mates. Completed task but did not work with team mates or worked with team mates but did not complete task.Some negative feedback from team mates. Completed task and worked with some of team mates. Task was completed and worked as a part of team, positive feedback from team mates. 20%

Total Score: 100%

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