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# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Introduction Poor introduction Not 1 minute in length. Few or no relevant facts included. Fair introduction Some evidence of research. Few facts stated Little creativity Good Introduction Good length Facts well chosen. Some creative ideas. Excellent introduction Grabs audience attention Evidence of research - interesting details. Very creative. %33.3
The twelve interview questions Questions are generic in nature and do not link to research sources Some questions show evidence of research + at least 6 questions submitted Evidence that research and thought went into questions + at least 10 questions submitted Quality questions Higher order level of thinking and research evident + A dozen or more questions %33.3
Research value Cursory results. Information from only one source included in assignment Two sources consulted. Little integration of research into assignment + At least 10 completed notecards submitted. Most sources consulted. Good integration of research into assignment + At least 18 notecards submitted. All sources consulted. Research integrated well into assignment. + At least 25 notecards submitted. %33.3

Total Score: %100

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