The Midwest Region of the United States



Your boss will evaluate your individual research, group work, and advertisement using the following rubric.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Exemplary Score
Individual Research 14 or less points. 15 - 19 points. 20 - 22 points. 23 - 25 points. 25 points
Group Work 5 or less points. Group member is not on task. 6 - 7 points. Group member is somewhat on task. 8 - 9 points. Group member is mostly on task. 10 points. Group member is always on task. 10 points
Advertisement 6 or less points. The ad is not informative or creative. 7 - 9 points. The ad lacks some information and creativity. 10 - 12 points. The ad is mostly informative, exciting, and shows an "Expert" Tour Guide. 13 - 15 points. The ad is informative, exciting, and shows an "Expert" Tour Guide. 15 points

Total Score: 50 points

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