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# Excellent! Very good OK Poor Score
A. INTRODUCTION I read the texts carefully and answered the questions in the handout with complete answers. I read the texts and answered the questions, but did not use complete answers. I did not read everything, but I tried to answer the questions. I read only half the texts and could not answer the questions. 30%
B. TASK PAGE I watched the Power Point presentation and answered all the questions. I watched the Power Point presentation and answered most of the questions. I watched the Power Point presentation, but answered just some of the questions. I did not watch all the slides and could not answer all the questions. 40%
C. PROCESS PAGE I was able to find the answers to all the questions easily. I could find the answers to almost all the questions, but missed one of them. It was difficult to find the answers. I could not complete the task because the language was too difficult for me. 30%

Total Score: 100%

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